Confessions of an ADHD-fueled technologi…. 🐿️!

A presentation at Connect.Tech in in Atlanta, GA, USA by Jeremy Meiss

Come along on this ADHD-fueled journey as Jeremy tells some of his journey in tech, all while trying to stay on topic. He’ll dive into some of his early days “hunting squirrels” while also keeping the local librarians employed. He’ll also touch on his experiences through the early days of the internet (not ARPANET, but the “world wide web”) and how he learned to “cope” with this thing called ADHD, without really coping with it, until he had to. You’ll hopefully laugh, probably cry, and that will just be from having to listen to him try to stay on topic, while also hopefully gaining a better feeling of how it’s ok to ask for help, and to also occasionally experiment with new ideas and being open about your journey through life.


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