Streamlining Developer Experience: The Power of CI/CD Standardization and Interoperability

A presentation at KCDC 2024 in in Kansas City, MO, USA by Jeremy Meiss

Modern Development

Modern Development

In this talk, we delve into the core aspects of CI/CD which can significantly impact Developer Experience: Pipeline Standardization and Interoperability. We’ll explore the pivotal role of standardized practices in CI/CD pipelines, fostering consistency and reducing friction in the development lifecycle. We will also look at how well-defined pipeline architecture and standardized configurations, can empower developers with a smoother and more efficient workflow.

We will also discuss the critical importance of interoperability in CI/CD systems. Enabling seamless collaboration across the diverse toolsets and environments that exist today is a core advantage of interoperability. This enhancing flexibility, and allows teams to leverage their preferred tools without compromising the overall development pipeline.

The attendees will walk away with a roadmap to creating a collaborative and efficient development culture which prioritizes Developer Experience through innovative CI/CD practices.


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